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OC explanation about Horhsal Connect and rules


- Horhsal Connect is an in-character and fictional social network that exists in Horhsal and is used by characters living there.

-Everything that is posted by characters has to be IC and anything related to Earth, including Earth-Internet-websites like Facebook, does not exist

- Things that are reminiscent of Earth - like the date you see on a posting - are considered OC and cannot be seen by a character. This means that the date of a posting is only there for OC-information (seeing when the player has posted it) and it is replaced by the actual Horhsalian date ICly (which you don't see).

- The post, member (for spaces) and follower count of a profile or space and the like count of postings is also OC and shows how many player characters are following it/ interact with it. A famous person or site has many many more followers which are not indicated by the OC-follower count. Of course, you can also use the OC-counter ICly but you should know that your character/site will not have many followers.
If you think it is important for people to see the IC-number, just implement it somewhere, like putting it into an image and then the header or into the description/about area.

- Horhsal Connect, at least ICly, has countless users, so you should try to keep that in mind, meaning that public comments of popular sites/people are usually filled with comments (usually more than you can see), have hundreds of likes and there are a lot of them. There is no actual one but you can imagine that there is an IC-filter which makes it easier to see specific content (like looking for artists, game developers, explorers, news etc.).

- Don't forget that the characters you use here are always IC and as such should be displayed as such. For example, if you have a not-so-smart character that doesn't care about grammar, you could show that by purposefully making writing mistakes ("your crazy man!" instead of "You're crazy, man!").
The most important thing is to put yourself in your character's shoes and have fun with it!

- Characters can use private messages for IC purposes as well

- You can make as many profiles/spaces as you want and characters in here don't even have to exist as RP characters in the forum (but they can).

- You can use drawn images (if you can draw or someone does it for you) to ICly simulate them as photos (or keep them as drawings), like if you want to draw the image of a news article yourself, make a photographer that shares their works (or an artist) or anything else related to photos/drawings like someone posting a selfie with a friend.
If you, however, can't draw but still want your character to post something with an image, you can use *...* to do that. All you need to do is make a normal post, write what your character says in that post and then use *...* to describe what someone can see ICly in the image. Like *the post also has an image attached to it that shows [name] smiling and waving*

- If you want to see new postings of characters you are not following, go to the Directory and User Profile Posts. You can also find all player characters and player-made spaces there.

How to make more profiles

Creating your first profile is easy because you can just use your own e-mail for that. However, you should also PM me on the EoH website so that I can be 100% sure that it's actually you since registration is limited and needs to be accepted. Also, you need to be a member of the Essence of Horhsal website to make an HC account, even if you don't plan on doing much in the forums.
This is done to keep spammers and other unpleasant folks from registering.

After that, things become a bit trickier since you can only use an e-mail address once - and I am sure you want to have several profiles, right? I found a way to trick the system which doesn't even require much from you and is done by working together with me.
First, you PM me and tell me how many more profiles you want to make and what their usernames will be. Then, I will go to the administration area and create these accounts by giving them fake e-mail addresses (this step is important because it allows me to skip e-mail activation which you wouldn't be able to do with fake e-mail addresses otherwise). These addresses will always be [username]@soulowls.com so that you can be sure that nobody can make them for real and steal your profile (since we own this URL).
I will give the profile/s a generic password that I will tell you. Then, you can go to Account settings > General and then Change Password to change the password into something else which is done so that I don't know the new password (it's YOUR profile, after all, so I have no right to know its password).
After everything is done, you can log out and in to switch between profiles as you please.
Of course, you could also just make more e-mail addresses for real but that sounds tedious.

Profiles and spaces

Profiles and spaces are both the main way to interact with others. They are, however, a bit different from each other. Profiles include anything where only one person manages the account. This means for as good as all private people - the regular user - but can also be used for famous people, companies that only focus on advertising/sharing news and anything else where the account itself is used to interact with people.

A space, however, can not interact with others itself and is more like a group which can have multiple members. Courier Champion, for example, can not make posts as Courier Champion itself but its members, the journalists working for it, can make posts and run the space. They can also be used for social environments - an academy could have a space and the students can use it - or private groups, like a small circle of friends.

User profiles

- Posts you make can either be public or non-public (you can change it with the little down-arrow on the top-right). Public means the post will show up in the Directory and everyone can see it, non-public only allows your friends to see it (and possibly followers, I didn't test it yet).

- Everything in the About page is optional and users don't even need to use their real name (their username is enough).

- Every user should have Grand Assembly tongue when adding languages because the whole site, at least ICly, uses it as the main language. It's basically the Horhsalian replacement for English but doesn't belong to a specific country and was made the world-language eons ago.

- If you want everyone to see your character's profile in full detail, go to Account settings > Security > Other users and then everything to Allow (or change it however you like it, you could also restrict it even more).

- If you want to have a gallery for your character's profile, go to Account settings > Modules and enable Gallery (NEWS doesn't work for profiles, only for spaces, so ignore it).


- Don't make the description too long because it will be cut off after a certain length

- Only use the right tags. If your space is a news site that focuses on sports, you could use the tags News, Journalism and Sports, for example.

- Don't forget to adjust the security settings. If you differentiate between members and followers, like if members are employees and followers are users, change the Join Policy to either Invite only or Invite and Request. Plus, if you want to make a space only members can see, like a circle of friends, set the Visibility to Private. (Of course, you can also make it so that the space is ICly private but keep it public OCly so that other players can see what's happening but that is not required.)

- Don't forget to check if permissions are set correctly.

- You can add modules to have things like NEWS, polls and more although I'd suggest to only add what you need.

- If you want to make a space but don't want that the owner is publicly known, you can message the "Anonymous" member (which is me) to create it for you or make a request to get your own "Anonymous" account. Anonymous accounts should be used to manage a space, meaning they can't post and comment outside of spaces.

Random users

Random user accounts are an OC-way to simulate the social network even better since they are basically NPCs and you can post as many as you like with one account. For example, you could have your Random user account say something and then answer that with the same account but ICly as someone else or you interact with the random users or player character users of other characters.
They can have different writing quality (someone who writes all neat and tidy or someone who doesn't care about grammar) and can comment on any post that they have access to (they can't comment in a little private space, for example). Random users can be nice, smartasses, trolls or anything else although you shouldn't go overboard (no "kill yourself" please). Cyberbullying is only okay if you asked the other player first and arranged it together with them.
Random users should not post something on the timeline although they can post on spaces and profiles (like someone complaining or praising something). Do not private message a Random user account since they only exist as such. You should also change security to deny for everything when it comes to their profiles.

Requesting a Random user account works just like another profile, so just contact me for that. Every player should only have one since that is all you need.
This is just a little detail but the username has to be slightly different since each one can only exist once, meaning that "Random user" is used by me but a variation of it - like Rand0m user or Random_user_ or _Random_user_ - will work, so I will give you one that is still free.